About me

Tim Smith

Tim Smith is a user interface and web designer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. A natural host, Tim inspires people all over the world with his podcast, The East Wing, where he interviews some of the best from the web and creative industries.

When Tim isn't chatting on Twitter, organizing his next project or generally just geeking out, he's just as happy to be watching the Lakers or sipping some coffee, like a dude.

Rachel Shillcock

Around the Internet

You can find me procrastiworking on Twitter, posting shots to Dribbble, or being all open-source on Github. I’m also occasionally on App.net, and I share pictures of food on Instagram.


This site is published using the amazing Jekyll, hosted by Media Temple, and deployed with the help of Deploy. Fonts are served with Typekit, and posts are written with Byword.

If you'd like to work with me, have me speak at your event, write for your publication, arrange a time to get some coffee, or just say hi, please get in touch.