Celebrate Your Achievements

Timothy B. Smith

Just the other day, I noticed that I had been nominated for an award. I was nominated alongside some amazing side projects, and quite honestly, I think I have no chance of actually winning. I was hesitant at first to even tell anyone I had been nominated.

When I started The East Wing, the objective wasn't to win awards. My only mission is to sit down and create a show better than the week before.

I've come to conclusion, however, that it's really important to celebrate achievements in life. Even being nominated for something like this is huge. Life has a way of bringing you down, and if you don't stop to look at the things you're doing well, it can get pretty depressing. I feel like we focus on how to improve so much, that we can forget about all the awesome we're already accomplishing.

I was raised to be humble; to never brag. My belief is that humility is a necessary quality in life. I don't feel this means we shouldn't celebrate our achievements.

The past six months have been some of the worst of my short life; completely because of my poor decisions. The next six months are going to be better. There's little to nothing I can do about the past, so I'm going to allow myself to be proud of the good things I'm accomplishing and more importantly who I am as a person.

Celebrate your achievements people. Take yourself out somewhere nice. Oh… and pictures, or it didn't happen.

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