Stop Working (So Hard)

Timothy B. Smith

What did The Hustle™ accomplish? I gained weight. I wasn’t spending enough time with my (now) wife. I felt like shit. I began to resent my work, and the work I was producing clearly wasn’t my best. I started cutting corners. I went from a mindset of shipping with quality and integrity to “when is this going to be over?”


If your colleagues, clients, or bosses don’t get why working less is a better idea, leave. There are far better places to be than at a company that values quantity over quality.

I absolutely love articles like this. Actually, I love people who think like this. It's been my experience that working a lot, doesn't mean you're producing a lot. Over time, I've tried to work smart, and try to get more done in a smaller amount of time.

This article hits home a bit closer today as I try to loose weight. Two years have gone by, and I've gained 100 lbs. Why? Because I was so focused on work, I forgot that it's only the means to live my life; not the reason to live life.

If you haven't, you should read the original article.