Tim Likes to Teach Get’s a Redesign

Timothy B. Smith

Today, I launched the new Tim Likes to Teach. This redesign has been in the works for about three months. Not a huge amount of time, but considering that when I started, it was only supposed to be a minor update, it ended up taking quite a while.

I’m very proud of this new design, and if you’re an existing customer, I think you’re going to love it. The old site had quite a bit of pain points, and I think this new design addresses them very well.

The beauty of this redesign is, I’ve improved the back-end to make it easy to add new courses and videos. I’m new using a custom post type for courses and course videos, then connecting them with a plugin called Posts to Posts.

The experience has greatly improved on the front-end too. In the past, videos were on a page and some couldn’t even find them. It was totally my fault. When I first designed the site, the plan was to have you download all the video files, so the design didn’t work when that plan didn’t work.

Now, I feel the site has a good flow to it. Breadcrumbs do a good job of helping you remember where you are, and give quick access to the course homepage.

A New Course

As promised, I’ve started to post videos for the new course “Redesign a Podcast Website”. Lots of people have showed interest in this project since there are some interesting design and development problems to solve.

This course is currently in progress, and I’m recording and adding new videos everyday.

A New Business Model

As most of you know, I’m now full-time on my own projects, so I’m looking for ways to generate enough income to sustain myself. With that in mind, Tim Likes to Teach has moved to a subscription model.

For only $8.99/month, you get access to all courses and respective downloads. There is a formal plan for future courses, and I’m already doing pre-production on these.

Again, I hope you love this new design. As always, my goal remains the same: to help people learn the web with their friendly internet pal, me.