Jekyll Post Automaters

Timothy B. Smith

Turns out, ‘automaters’ isn’t a word. Anyway, this weekend, I moved this blog to Jekyll. I’m a sucker for making things easier, so I created some scripts and templates to automate the process of creating a new post. The original script was created by Cody Krieger, but I made some simple modifications to make it all work with Alfred.

As an important note, the script does not add a date to the name of the file like Jekyll wants you to. The reason for that is, I work with a _drafts folder, and those files aren’t supposed to have a date. I use a great plugin by Jeffrey Sambells which puts a date on my files when they’re ready to publish. If you don’t want it to work that way, you just replace the filename variable with "#{'%Y-%m-%d')}-#{title.parameterize}.md" and that will create a publish-ready file.

I’ll be creating a screencast in the next couple days that will go step-by-step on setting all this up, but in the meantime, feel free to @reply me on Twitter with any questions.