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What I’m Great At

UX & UI Design

Great design is the result of well-formulated questions to the right people. I base my concepts on user reasearch, an effort to understand the complete picture—not just a specific piece of an app or site—and goals of the business.

Frontend Development

I write standards-based HTML and CSS, together with some JavaScript. I’ve worked extensively with both Ruby on Rails, and WordPress (which might be the weirdest combo ever).

Workshops & Talks

If you’re an educator, a manager, or a conference organizer, I’m a great teacher. I can speak on a wide range of topics, like design, development, growing remote teams, and more. Read more on the speaking page.

How I Work

  1. Week by Week Basis
    Instead of setting random deadlines for a project, we sit down on Monday and define what we’ll accomplish within that week.
  2. One Project at a Time
    Many independent designers and developers work on more than one project concurrently. I don’t. I only work with one client at a time. You have my full attention and time.
  3. The Right Technology for You
    I have a wide range of technological expertise. We work together to decide the right technology for your site or app. I’m not into fitting square pegs into round holes.