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Justin Jackson Finds Focus

Episode #002 · 27 minutes ·  I first heard of Justin Jackson about six years ago. Back then, he was consulting full-time for a company with the dream of going independent. Fast forward to 2018, and after building a successful business, he's now embarking on a new adventure. Justin talks about his parents, dealing with depression, and a new business he's co-founded.

Jason Snell Is His Own HR Person

Episode #001 · 23 minutes ·  It's been four years since Jason Snell left his job at Macworld and started his own site Six Colors. In that time, Jason is back to what he loves: creating. He talks about the diversity of his work day, finding the right mix of revenue streams, and taking a break when you need one.

Welcome to ‘Away from Keyboard’

Episode #000 · 02 minutes ·  Away from Keyboard is a new show from Changelog that talks to creative professionals about how they do what they do, where they started, and how they deal with the things that make us all humans.