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Paul Armstrong

Episode #058 · 

Tim talks with Paul Armstrong. He has such an interesting mix of skills and talents, and we had the chance to talk about where they intersect, iOS, working on meaningful problems, and more.

Adam Stacoviak - Part Two

Episode #057 · 

Tim talks with Adam Stacoviak about building products, pricing them, and the hurdles and mistakes you make along the way.

Adam Clark

Episode #056 · 

Tim talks with Adam Clark about how he got into the web, taking risks in business, and starting his first podcast.

Ashley Baxter

Episode #055 · 

Tim talks with Ashley Baxter about how she got started, her first talk, and more.

Matt Steele

Episode #054 · 

Tim talks with Matt Steele about how got started, the difficulties of changing careers, and Tim’s phobia of fish.

Dan Benjamin

Episode #053 · 

Tim talks with Dan Benjamin about his freelance business, the future of internet broadcasting, and Dan’s thoughts on t-shirts and hats.

Sam Kapila

Episode #052 · 

Tim talks with Sam Kapila, a Designer and Educator that is on the front lines of teaching web design at a university level. Somehow she manages to stay on top of everything, and provide her students with the most up-to-date information she can.

Myke Hurley

Episode #050 · 

Tim talks with Myke Hurley about how he started podcasting, producing show, dealing with guests, and a lot more.

Jory Raphael

Episode #049 · 

Tim talks with Jory Raphael about his start in theatre, doing what you love, and much more.

Jen Simmons

Episode #048 · 

Tim talks with Jen Simmons about how she got started, the world of Drupal, the work that goes into The Web Ahead, and much more.