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Bermon Painter

Episode #026 · 

Tim talks with Bermon Painter about the awesome way he got into the web, the great things SASS can do, working with Ruby and a lot more.

Paddy Donnelly

Episode #025 · 

Tim talks with Paddy Donnelly about how he got started, his process to make these amazing illustrations he’s famous for and the latest exciting projects he’s been working on.

Jason VanLue

Episode #024 · 

Tim talks with Jason VanLue about how he got started, his great talk, Code School and more.

Sam Soffes

Episode #022 · 

Tim talks with Sam Soffes about how he got his start, quitting his job, working on Cheddar, app acquisitions and much more.

Sarah Parmenter

Episode #007 · 

Tim talks with Sarah Parmenter about how she got into design, running her own studio and a shared admiration of Luke Wroblewski.

Chris Coyier

Episode #006 · 

Tim talks with Chris Coyier about the start of CSS-Tricks, working with version control, Wufoo and the debate of client versus app work.

Dan Mall

Episode #005 · 

Tim talks with Dan Mall about how he got his start, education, and why you should remain humble.

Dan Denney

Episode #004 · 

Tim talks with Dan Denney about the work that goes into organizing a conference, how he got into Front-End Dev, the projects he’s worked on and even turns the tables and asks me some questions!

Justin Style

Episode #003 · 

Tim talks with Justin about how he got into basketball, his thoughts on LeBron, Finals predictions… oh and this awesome thing called Zerply he’s working on.

Niki Brown

Episode #002 · 

Tim talks with Niki Brown about how he got started in design, education, and how to keep a curriculum current with technology.