I was hired as the Lead Designer for Bundly. I helped redesign the product, together with emails and other brand collateral.

Bundly Hero

Bundly was an online experience company. They were a small start-up company founded in Minneapolis, MN. They had done user testing which indicated that the product might be useful but, the design needed significant improvement.

We wanted to simplify the flows of the application as much as possible. It was a lot of fun to actually remove parts of the application that weren’t really needed.

From the beginning, it was clear they wanted the main color to be blue. With that in mind, I created a color palette around the blue that complimented each other.

I also wanted to find a typeface that would work at text and display sizes. I chose to use Droid Sans because of it’s readable qualities and to stay within budget for the project.

This project was a delight. Working with the Bundly founding team was very rewarding and I’m so grateful to them for including me in this great experience.