While at Lullabot, I lead a redesign on Drupalize.me, once a product of theirs, which helps people learn Drupal from the experts.

Drupalize.Me Hero

While working at Lullabot, I was also put on the Drupalize.Me project. Drupalize.Me is a product created by Lullabot in an effort to teach people Drupal.

Drupal is a complex, yet very powerful content management system. Some of the biggest sites on the internet are powered by Drupal. Sites like whitehouse.gov, grammy.com and more are all made with Drupal.

However, as with most things that are powerful, Drupal can have a steep learning curve, leaving many beginners wondering where to start. That’s where Drupalize.Me comes in. Boasting a catalog of more than 242 hours of Drupal training, many attribute their Drupal skills to this great site.

With the direction of Jared Ponchot, I took care of many design tasks that were needed and I also had the privilege of leading the redesign of this great resource.

You can read more about my process and work on the redesign, here.

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