Homewoods on the Willamette

While at Rocket Lift, I worked on a website for Homewoods on the Willamette, a beautiful retirement community just outside of Portland.

Homewoods on the Willamette Hero

While working at Rocket Lift, I had the chance of working on a redesign for Homewoods on the Willamette. Homewoods is a gorgeous retirement community outside of Portland.

I was impressed by how well [Tim] “got” us. He did not have the advantage of a physical visit to our beautiful property, but he seemed to fall in love with us and helped to show our best side at every opportunity.

Laura Engle Executive Director, Homewoods on the Willamette

When preparing to do this project, I did extensive research on the competition and saw that a lot of retirement homes were using stock photography, and keyword-injected copy, which to me, missed the mark of what people want to see when choosing where to retire. Thankfully, Laura Engle, the Executive Director at Homewoods felt the same. She wanted something real; something that told the Homewoods story, and conveyed the very warm community that exists.

All in all, I’m very happy with the result, and it brings me joy to see the Homewoods residents have welcomed the new site.

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