My name is Tim Smith, and I’m a frontend designer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. I bridge the gap between designers and back-end developers.

I started out as a graphic designer back in 2009. Over time, I’ve found myself interested in writing front-end code. My eye for design helps me markup sites and interfaces the way designers intended.

My ideal role allows me to create sites and interfaces by writing standards-based markup and CSS, foster collaboration between engineering and design teams, and help maintain or create a styleguide for UI components and front-end markup.


Design Mentor at Bloc

Meet with students one to three times a week. Give advice and critique as they progress through curriculum. Write new curriculum to fill gaps.

Owner, Frontend Designer at Anythin’ Goes

Managed the design & development consulting business. Produced an award-nominated podcast focused on design. Wrote and produced video screencasts.

UX Designer & Developer at ACL Services

Worked on a team of designers to keep a consistent design language across various products. Help maintain a styleguide. Develop features within products of different technologies like Ruby on Rails, and Angular. Write about the design team’s process and how we solved problems.

Frontend Designer at Rocket Lift

Lead design, front-end development, and internal marketing. Provided direction to hired designers. Responsible for the company’s rebrand.

Web Designer at Lullabot

Helped with content infrastructure and a redesign. Created wireframes and mockups for client projects. Wrote blog posts on design to help promote the company.

Lead Designer at Bundly

Lead design of the user interface. Crafted personable body copy for the site and automated emails. Directed and advised the strengthening of the brand in different mediums.


Palomar Community College

Majored in Graphic Communications. Received a number of certificates.